New Year, New Beginnings

I’m the only one awake on New Year’s Day, with the exception of Gabby, my black lab pup. She’s seeing what trouble she can sniff out while I’m occupied with writing my first blog of the new year. 2015-a year that is bright and shiny and new. And Cold. But I’m not going to hold that against it. Not yet anyway. I’ll wait and see how I feel in February.

I guess a little background is in order. I’m not new to blogging, I’m just starting over. I took a leave of absence from my previous blog and lost track of it. decided it was best to move on. New year, new beginnings.

I currently reside in Oklahoma. I grew up here. I like it here. I don’t love it anymore, but we have an understanding, Oklahoma and me. We will respect each other. I was born here, and I have always felt that within it’s borders is my home. I spent a little time in Nebraska when I was in college. I met my husband there. It seems like Nebraska is a good place to meet people. He’s from Iowa. We met and were married in 2004. A whirlwind 10 month romance and courtship, and 10 years later, we’re still happily married and taking it one day at a time in Oklahoma.

We are as different as night and day. I was born in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, There are 4 or 5 shopping malls within driving distance. Just a quick trip on any of the 4 interstates that go through the center of OKC…. there’s always something going on here. Concerts, plays, sporting events, parties, fundraisers, races, and museums.

My Husband grew up in Iowa and a few small towns in Nebraska. Nebraska is a very pretty state, and the small towns are very charming. Unless you live in one of the three or four decent sized cities, there’s really nothing to do. He’s adjusted to the city very well.

He’s the oldest of 9, I’m the middle of 3. He’s a literal genius, I”m a college drop out. There are half a million differences, but when I met him, I felt complete for maybe the first time in my entire life. 10 years later, here we are; on a 10 acre homestead, roughly 16 miles from the interstate in a suburb of Norman, which is a suburb of Oklahoma City. My town is a sub-suburb. No human children, we have a small herd of goats, a small gaggle of geese, a small brace of ducks, two dogs, and cat. And a stray brother-in-law who helps out with the chores in exchange for room and board until he can get his own place.

We all live together in relative harmony.

We have a tractor that doesn’t work, a car or two that doesn’t run, a lot of junk on this 10 acre property. This blog is dedicated to track my progress, my growth, if you will. I have some really big goals to get under way this year. I want to start brewing my own beer this year. I want to take classes in herbalism, I want to make a quilt for my bed, and get my tractor fixed, and my place cleaned up, and start a dairy goat farm. I want to learn things, and live off the land. I want to start going back to the basics. and I want you to come with me. Lets learn stuff together! it’s January 1, 2015. No better time to start. Ready or not, here I go!


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