Goals. Easy to Set.

My husband and I have been living out on our 10 acre plot for almost four years. We’ve moved from a tiny travel trailer (about 200 square feet) to a three bedroom, two bathroom single wide. I sort of regret it. I mean, there are some serious perks….  have more than one bathroom, being able to cook on a full sized stove, but costs have also increased. the new house is expensive to heat and cool, and it really seems like if it could go wrong, it did over the last year.

I really wanted to be established by now. I wanted to have my gardens planned and seeds ordered, I wanted to have the barn for my goats built… I wanted to have  a permanent water line run and buried. I don’t have any of that done as of yet.

But this is January; new beginnings and all that sort of thing.

I’ve got a firm promise from my husband that as soon his big work projects wind up in late March, or early April, we will start the land prep. This involves renting an skid loader to dig the trench for our water line, and installing a proper septic system. We will then dig a burn pit, and start disposing of the junk that’s marring up my land. We’ve got a ton of junk that was here before we got here, and some that we brought that can’t be saved or reclaimed. We’ve also got tons of brush that needs to go because the snake population will be pretty high come summer.

We need to skirt the house, and dig our root cellar. I need to start sectioning off plots for my gardens. Yes, gardens with an “S”; as in more than one. I’m going to start a kitchen, or food garden, also a medicinal plant garden. I’m supposed to start herbalism training later this year.

I really need to start paying off the debt we’ve amassed in getting this land and house paid off, plus the car and truck we’ve had to buy (not a I think I want to buy a new car debt, but the dang, my car just totally died and I need a way to get to work new car debt). Once our debt is paid off, my personal goal is to quit my “in town” job and be a stay at home homesteader.

All of the projects that need to be completed are really big. They cost lots of cash. I don’t have any to spare… I’ve got to start small… one small thing a day, even if it’s taking one big project and breaking it up into tiny bite sized pieces. If I stay in here, in the house thinking about how impossible it all is, it’ll never get done.

The trash gets picked up tomorrow. I think I’ll have a few more bags than normal out at the end of the driveway.


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